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EAST COAST, WEST COAST, & TRAD IPA case of 12 with snacks

A mixed case of session IPAs from one of Manchester’s finest craft breweries. First Chop have always specialized in session ales, famous for packing as much flavour into their lower ABV offerings as their stronger IPAs. What we have here is a curated case showcasing three contemporary session IPA styles, East Coast, West Coast and Traditional plus we’ve thrown in some nuts and some pretzels.

What’s in the box….


SYMBIOSIS SESSIONS – TRAD IPA #6 – Fuggles & East Kent Goldings

Back to the styles roots with this iteration of our Trad IPA. No messing around here just faith in the classics to bring all the floral spicy earthy goodness we all know and love. The same golden malt base with a touch of Crystal and Cara malt for balance followed by heaps of Fuggles and East Kent Golding hops in the kettle. Continuous hopping throughout the boil builds layers of flavour and bitterness to give you the full expression of this trusty combo. An ode to British brewing tradition.


SYMBIOSIS SESSIONS – WEST COAST IPA #5 –  Summit, Centennial, Cascade, Idaho 7

OK, let’s switch it up a bit. We’re really enjoying the base west coast beer we’ve created in this series so thought we’d put it to the test with a totally fresh approach to hopping this one. Gone are the old faithful bittering hops and in come Summit and Centennial in the kettle. Summit would be comfortable on both coasts of the States and here we get assertive bitterness with warm citrus and spice flavours. We’ve also mixed it up on the cold side of hopping this beer with the combination of Cascade and Idaho 7 in the whirlpool and fermenter. Woah! Lemon, lychee from Cascade bouncing around with Idaho’s earthy, lightly piney character.



When life gives you Lemons! We’re going all out with this one. Lemondrop is so unique it just HAD to be used alone, nothing else to muddle its beautiful characteristics and let you really get to know this intriguing hop. This means the bittering additions in the kettle have gone and we’ve stacked the whirlpool and fermenter with Lemondrop. We’re getting a prominent herbal lemon aroma, backed by notes of mint, green tea and melon. It really does live up to its name.



We’re back on the east coast. A soft and pillowy body from oats and wheat provide a perfect platform for building plenty of fresh aroma and flavour. We’re again combining the best of US and New Zealand hop varieties in the form of Amarillo and Waiti. Each hop has a super distinct citrus fruit character with Amarillo giving orangey goodness and Waiti imparting a zingy limey aspect. A hit of tropical fruit on the finish lifts the whole experience to a super juicy thirst quenching experience.


NOBBY’s NUTS – 40g




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